“New Year, New Mindset, New Money, New You!” Seminar has Residents Planning Money Moves in 2019

When Housing Authority officials look at its residents, they see future entrepreneurs and homeowners, college graduates and astute financial managers.

In keeping with this vision, the Housing Authority of the City of Frederick (HACF) sponsored a financial management seminar entitled “New Year, New Mindset, New Money, New You!” on Jan. 31 at C. Burr Artz library, in which representatives from BB&T, Interfaith Housing, United Way’s Prosperity Center, Money Mentor Group and Remax Results were on hand and shared valuable information with the residents. After the seminar, some residents made follow-up appointments and set up savings accounts to buy a home or to start a business.

The event began with HACF treating residents and their children to a pizza and pasta dinner in the library’s Community Room. After dinner, volunteers stayed with the children to watch a movie while the parents went to another room to attend the seminar.

The event – which taught residents about financial management, the importance of their credit scores, the best way to save money for large purchases, such as buying a house, starting a business or attending college – was the brainchild of Tiffany Green, who works as Special Projects Manager for HACF. It was a component of a larger initiative at the agency known as Beyond Breaking Even.

Green said she could tell by the number of people who signed up and showed up that residents were ready to learn sound financial management tips and apply them to their own lives.

“By showing up, I already knew our residents wanted something different for themselves and their families, but as I watched the residents connect with community partners and schedule follow-up appointments, I was sure their money mindset has been transformed and now they are on a pathway to improving their financial well-being,” Green said. “Overall, this was a great turn out and we are excited for what is to come.”

Ashley Morris, 31, a mom to three kids ranging in age from 7 to 12 years old, said she came out because this will be her year to begin working toward a lifelong dream: home ownership.

“For me, every time we go into a new year, (I say) this year is going to be the year that I’m going to save money,” Morris said. “I’m already motivated but lack the tools to do it. Coming here gave me tools.”

Morris, currently on Section 8, recently finished earning her degree from FCC’s nursing program and she will officially walk the stage to graduate in May.

“I’m getting comfortable with increased income and spending smart,” Morris said. “I’m coming out of the mindset of poverty to the mindset of wealth. Making that leap is really difficult.”

“My goal ultimately is to purchase a home for my kids and break down barriers for them,” she added.

We’d say Morris and the other residents attending the workshop are off to a wonderful start!