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Family Services

The Family Services office is located in Lucas Village at 155 Pennsylvania Ave. The Family Services office offers case management to assist our public housing residents with education, employment placement, daycare coverage, healthcare services, community development and more. Family Services is also the home base for our Project Alive and Family Self Sufficiency programs.

Project ALIVE exists to connect Public Housing residents with educational and training opportunities. If you live in Public Housing (Lucas Village, Carver, and Lincoln), you are eligible to participate.

Project ALIVE is committed to helping residents meet their goals and move forward. Whether it is finding a job or getting more training, Project ALIVE will help each resident develop a plan, plot out a course of action and find the necessary resources to succeed.

If you are interested in getting your GED, going to Frederick Community College (FCC) or getting other training to help boost your income, Project ALIVE can help. Also, if you need help finding a job, let us know.

Additional Resources

How does Project ALIVE help?
If you want to go to school, Project ALIVE can help get you connected and pave the way for your success. We can help with childcare while you attend classes. We can help with transportation, if you need it. If you need supplies, we can help you get them. We can even pay for a tutor.

We can also help pay for certifications, reviews, licenses and other things one might need to move forward in a career.

We can also help with driver’s education!

If you have a plan for increasing your education and would like some support to help you succeed, call Ann Ryan, Community Initiatives Coordinator, at (301) 696-1875.

What other agencies does Project ALIVE work with in order to help you succeed?
Project ALIVE works closely with many other organizations interested in helping you move forward. We partner with Frederick Community College, Frederick County Health Department’s ROSC program, Mental Health Association’s Systems Navigation, Frederick County Workforce Services, and Frederick County Family Partnership.

We are funded through a variety of grants, including support from The Women’s Giving Circle of Frederick County, the Courtney Muse Performing Arts Grant, the Community Foundation of Frederick County, The Ausherman Family Foundation, private contributors, and federal grants. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

Family Self-Sufficiency

If you could not fail, who would you be and what would you do? It’s a really interesting question to think about. Who would I really want to be? Some people think it would be great to be a sports star, but would you really want the pain and commitment that goes with it? Or consider being a doctor; would you be willing to give up 9 to 10 years for medical school? Those are really tough questions we really need to consider when developing a dream.

Help discover your personal road map for success by participating in the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program. Everyone has his/her own specific vocation that demands fulfillment. Everyone’s task is unique as is his/her specific opportunity to implement it. Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) is all about clearing away the clutter in your life and helping turn your dreams and goals into a reality.

Believe in your ability to succeed! You must believe it before you can achieve it. This is where it is a good idea to dream really big. See yourself doing the job, paying the price and reaping the rewards. You can do this!

For more information, please contact Ayesha Johnson, FSS Public Housing Coordinator, at (301) 662-8173 ex 107.