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Homeownership Programs

We want to work with you as partners towards the purchase of your first home.  Please see the below chart for information on HACF and other local home buying programs.

Program Contact Person Phone Description

Hope VI

Kimberly Ashkenazi


Qualified buyers secure a first mortgage from a private lender and HOPE VI covers the balance of the purchase price.  Payment is not required on the second mortgage until the home is sold. Eligible properties are available in North Point and Lucas Village.


Housing Choice Voucher / Section 8

Ayesha Johnson


Program participants are able to use their voucher towards a mortgage.  Basic requirements include using the rental voucher successfully for one year, being consistently employed full-time for one year before homeownership assistance begins (elderly and disabled exempt) and must be able to contribute 1% of the purchase price from personal funds.  Voucher holders may purchase a home of their choice anywhere within Frederick County.

USDA 502 Rural Housing Loan Program

Bonnie Rohrer


Section 502 loans are primarily used to help low-income individuals or households purchase homes in rural areas. Funds can be used to build, repair, renovate or relocate a home, or to purchase and prepare sites, including providing water and sewage facilities.  No downpayment is required and the interest rate can be subsidized based on income.  The home must be located outside of Frederick City limits.

Frederick County Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

Heather Sutton


Frederick County DHCD offers many programs to assist with home purchases, as well as downpayment and closing cost assistance.  Current popular programs include the Homebuyer Assistance program and HOME Initiative Program.  www.frederickcountymd.gov/housing

City of Frederick – Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Eileen Barnhard


CDBG currently offers first time homebuyers up to $8,000 for homebuying and closing cost assistance. 

State of Maryland



The State has several programs available to first time homebuyers.  Two popular programs are the Marlyand Mortgage Program and the Individuals with Disabilities Loan Program.  Each program has its own eligibility criteria and terms, which are subject to change.  The State also offers downpayment and closing cost assistance programs.

Habitat for Humanity

Jennifer Minnick


Habitat for Humanity offers homes to eligible homebuyers who are able to contribute between 300 and 500 hours of sweat equity into the building or repair of their home. 


Interfaith Housing Alliance

Mary Ellen Mitchell


IHA’s Purchase-Repair Homeownership Program provides affordable homeownership opportunities to low and very low income families and individuals that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a traditional mortgage. Program participants receive free technical assistance from IHA through the entire homeownership process, from credit repair and budget counseling, preparation of the loan application, locating and placing an appropriate home under contract, how to repair and maintain their home, as well as on-going post-purchase counseling to eliminate any chance of foreclosure in the future.