The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick is still accepting applications for the
Project-Based Vouchers for Catoctin View Homes Waiting List for future vacancies.



  • At least one household member must be 62 years old or older and available units consist of one-bedroom apts. Applicants between the ages of 55 and 61 may still apply, however they will not be eligible for occupancy until at least one household member is at least 62.

  • If your application does not meet the eligibility criteria OR household size exceeds occupancy standards for a one bedroom, your application will NOT be activated.

  • Applications will be prioritized using the preference system. Click here to review the preferences for the Catoctin View Homes Waiting List.

Q. How do I apply for the waiting list?

A. Online applications are not available at this time. Applications are available at the HACF Main Office at 209 Madison Street, Frederick MD 21701. You can also request an application to be mailed to you by calling 301-662-8173 ext. 1113 or email To submit an application you will need: Full name, birthdate, Social Security number for each household member. You must also provide a primary mailing address for all application communications. The Housing Authority is required to communicate with applicants via first class mail. Applications without a mailing address will not be activated. You may also include an email address for informational updates.

Q. What is a Project Based Voucher?

A. Project based vouchers are a component of the Housing Choice Voucher system. These vouchers are tied to a specific property. Project based vouchers cannot be moved to another property.

Q. How long can I keep the Project Based Voucher?

A. If your income is not sufficient for you to pay 100% of your rent and utilities, you have not violated the program’s rules, moved out of the unit and funding is available, you will keep the voucher indefinitely. If you move out of the property for any reason, the project-based voucher will be used to house a new participant in the building.

Q. When will I receive a regular Housing Choice Voucher?

A. You must remain in the project-based unit for a minimum of one year. After the one year initial participation, if the Housing Authority has available voucher funds, project-based voucher participants will receive preference for those funds.

Q. Who is my landlord?

A. Residents of Catoctin View Homes will sign a lease with the Management Company, TM Associates. The Housing Authority will only be responsible for administering the rental subsidy for your unit. All other interactions will be with the landlord.

Q. I just applied for the Catoctin View Homes Project Based Voucher Waiting List, what do I do now?

A. Once the application period has closed, the Housing Authority will randomly sort the waiting list and then arrange by preference categories claimed. You can read the preferences here. Applicants will be selected in numerical order to determine eligibility.