We would like to thank some of our donors for helping us to launch our Family Services programs! We are also asking you to join in the giving and help us build and continue the programs these donors have helped us create!  By supporting our work, you are making it possible for low-income families in Frederick to improve their education, health and job opportunities, allowing them to contribute to a thriving Frederick. Thank you for your commitment to growing a thriving Frederick!

Join in the Giving:

Young Men Rising Program

Thanks to the Ausherman Family Foundation and the Community Foundation of Frederick County, we are able to launch our newest program in 2017, Young Men Rising, led by our phenomenal Youth Services Co-Coordinator Branden McCallister. This program will offer young men a pathway to success through mentorship, job preparatiion and employment.  You can support this program by giving:

  • $25 gives gas cards to young men for commuting to trainings, interviews and work.
  • $100 gives young men professional supplies and clothing such as interview clothes, construction boots, etc.
  • $250 gives young men in unpaid job skills training programs a stipend during the program.
  • $500 covers tuition costs for trade skills and certification classes.

Early Literacy Program

Thanks to the Curious Iguana Bookstore, the United Way of Frederick County and The Community Foundation of Frederick County, we are able to provide literacy programs to our youth as young as pre-K. Led by our phenomenal Early Education Coordinator Cindy Powell, this program ensures all of our children are not only prepared but ahead of the curve for entering kindergarten with the skills they need to succeed. You can support this program by giving:

  • $25 equips each family with early literacy books to continue learning at home.
  • $100 supplies our early education center with enrichment toys and materials.
  • $250 helps provide quality childcare to those families in our program that need it.
  • $500 gives supplies and materials for parent engagement and support.

Women Rising Program

Thanks to the Women’s Giving Circle  and the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek (RISE program) we are able to provide women in public housing with mentorship and financial support for education, childcare and transportation so that they can rise to meet their goals without obstacle. Led by our wonderful Family Services Director, Ann Ryan, this program can grow and continue with your support:

  • $25 gives gas cards to allow women to commute to school and work.
  • $100 covers car repairs to keep working women and women in school on the road to success.
  • $250 covers childcare expenses for working women and women in school.
  • $500 covers tuition costs, books and supplies for women going back to school or taking job skills training.

Community Table Cooking Program

Thanks to the Federated Charities of Frederick and The Common Market CoOp we were able to launch a great program in 2016, Community Table Cooking, led by our incredible partner Elin Ross at Federated Charities. This program provides cooking classes, free food distribution from local farmers and tips on meal planning and budgeting for our families. You can support this program by giving:

  • $25 gives each participant a recipe and meal planning book to use at home.
  • $100 provides giveaways to program particpants such as crockpots and knife sets to increase outreach and engagement.
  • $250 gives program participants biweekly fresh farm produce (CSA shares) to take home for the season.
  • $500 supplies the cooking program with equipment and ingredients.

  • Give Monthly

    The best way to grow a thriving community is to make it sustainable. Help sustain our work over time and sign up as a monthly giver! You can sign up to subscribe below for just $25/month and cancel your subscription at anytime