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Request For Proposal – Learning Hub Academic Coaches

The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick (HACF) is seeking individuals to provide contractual services in the areas of specialized remedial reading and math education for students at the elementary grade level, as well as for middle school students reading well below proficiency.

The Program:  HACF has the opportunity to address specific student needs in a Summer Learning Hub with professional educators working in a 1:1 or 1:2 teacher-student, trauma informed environment. This new venture will allow us to develop program infrastructure that will carry forward year-round into the “new normal” of education for our students. Our focus is student-centered with parent participation to build not only student success, but family success and advocacy.

Teacher/coaches will be paid $35 per hour for 20 hours per week over a 9-week period, June to August, 2020. Proposed hours include 15 hours of teaching time and 5 hours per week for HACF staff/family consultation and developing plans for individual students.

To Respond to this RFP:

Respondents should provide a resume of educational and teaching experience, and a proposal that provides the following:

We would like a narrative description of your specific experiences teaching children to read and in providing remedial reading and math education for children who reached a grade without appropriate proficiency in those areas. We are specifically seeking expertise in determining which skills a child is lacking, how to address those needs, and experience in implementing interventions to solve the problem. We are seeking candidates with strong backgrounds in phonics education. Your proposal should also provide evaluation metrics that will help us, working as a team with parents, understand a student’s progress over the course of the summer and continuing needs.

Please submit above information to aryan@hacfrederick.org.

last updated: 06/02/2020