Family Services Program

The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick’s Family Services Department empowers individuals and families in our communities by providing comprehensive support services within the framework of affordable housing. We are dedicated to promoting self-sufficiency, fostering well-being, and creating opportunities for upward mobility, ensuring that every resident has the resources and tools needed to thrive and build a brighter future.

We provide a wide range of services to invite each resident to thrive. Our Family Services Staff offers support for parents striving to provide a stable and healthy environment from which their children can grow. We have early learning supports, including a Head Start program in our Lucas Village community and a proposed new Early Head Start program in our Carver community. We work with parents and schools to ensure their kids are getting what they need to succeed in school. We offer intensive afterschool and summer tutoring programs, and fund a wide range of enrichment activities for kids, including a targeted focus on college/career prep.

We are fortunate to work with funding and service partners that allow us to fill gaps in essential services for the families we serve. For example, we partner with Sheppard Pratt and Advanced Behavioral Health in providing onsite therapists in our Carver and Lucas Village communities. We partner with Hearly House in providing intimate partner abuse counselling and prevention.

Our intensive case management model invites each household to identify stability and prosperity goals, and then to move forward to meet those goals. We are indebted to our funders (private and public) who invest in the success of our residents.

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Resident Support

Childcare Assistance

Our approach centers on supporting families, creating an environment for parents to pursue goals, children to thrive, and the community to flourish. Reliable childcare is vital for family success. Through contributions and partnerships, we offer comprehensive early childhood development services, focusing on creating a stable, language-rich environment for preschool children. Our programs support healthy brain development, increase kindergarten readiness, and pave the way for future success in school. We also offer onsite playgroups and provide assistance to alleviate childcare costs. This ensures that families throughout the community can access the quality childcare they need.

Transportation Assistance

Our transportation services address the challenges posed by Frederick County’s large geographic footprint. Reliable transportation options enable individuals and families to access essential services, pursue economic opportunities, education, social connections, and overall well-being, promoting inclusivity and community development. We contribute by offering driver’s education opportunities to over 25 residents every year. Additionally, our collaboration with local non-profits extends to facilitating budget-friendly car ownership. We recognize the significance of reliable transportation, and our partnerships provide practical solutions that improve lives.

Youth Opportunities

Our Youth Services Coordinator extends a warm invitation to every school-age youth in our community to join a journey of personal development at HACF. We believe in fostering a sense of growth and togetherness, where youth learn the value of perseverance and supporting others along the way. Our Kindness Academy empowers youth with the profound strength of empathy. Through engaging experiences, we teach them to become proactive “Upstanders,” individuals who stand up against negativity instead of being passive bystanders. This approach equips them to create a more positive and inclusive environment.

Our youth opportunities include:

  • Access to after school programs that offer mentoring and college prep.
  • Assistance with enrollment in summer jobs programs.
  • Summer camps to promote skill development and joyful exploration.
  • Community-building activities at the Academy forge connections with others.

Career Advancement & Training

Our career advancement and training programs and partnerships are designed to enhance income potential, career development, and industry relevance. We provide opportunities for resume enhancement, navigating job applications, targeted career searches, accessing training opportunities, career advancement, adaptability, and even entrepreneurship, helping individuals build prosperous futures.

Health & Well-being

We prioritize the health and well-being of families by offering support to improve their quality of life. Our programs reduce stress, lower costs, and create environments where children can focus on academic success. We equip families with the skills needed to manage their healthcare effectively, promoting overall family health.

Prosperity Center

The Prosperity Center improves lives by providing effective pathways to housing, transportation and careers by creating a one-stop resource for individuals and families. Prosperity Center programs such as credit cafes, budget coaching, free tax preparation, and down-payment savings match create pathways to financial stability. For more information, visit


K-12 Educational Support

Education is the cornerstone of personal growth and community development. Our educational support services are designed to equip children with essential knowledge and skills while fostering cognitive, social, and emotional development. We ensure regular school attendance and provide necessary learning supports to set the stage for lifelong economic success.

Youth Education

Through our youth education initiatives, we instill not just knowledge, but also confidence and skills for personal growth and success. These programs are designed to supply the next generation with the tools they need to excel academically and reach their fullest potential.

Our youth education programs include:

  • Academic Accelerators: Focused on K-2nd graders, this intensive tutoring program cultivates reading skills, ensuring grade-level proficiency by 3rd grade.
  • Tutoring Excellence: Serving 3rd to 10th graders, our tutoring program aids academic progress, particularly in math and reading.
  • Scholars in Motion: Tailored for 8th to 12th graders, this program guides students towards academic success, college admission, and future achievements. It aids in test preparation, college applications, and scholarships, including engaging college visits.

Adult Education

There are a diverse array of academic programs available for adults through HACF’s Family Services. Uncover pathways to personal and professional growth that lead to a brighter future for both you and your family.

Our adult education programs include:

  • Operation Education: We assist residents in finding their career paths and entering college. Grants and scholarships provide essential support to navigate college and achieve living wage careers, breaking generational poverty cycles.
  • Educational Partnerships: In collaboration with Frederick Community College, we offer pathways for adult residents to obtain GEDs, certifications, or associate degrees. Each semester, over 40 residents are enrolled in FCC’s for-credit and non-credit classes, including GED prep courses.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The FSS program helps families in the HUD-assisted rental housing to increase their earnings and build financial capability and assets. The FSS program has two key features:

  1. A financial incentive for participants to increase their earnings in the form of an escrow savings account that increases as participants’ earnings increase. The escrow account helps participants build savings that they can use to improve their quality of life and advance their personal goals once they complete the program. Depending upon the local FSS program policy, escrow funds can also help participants cover the cost of key services that may be needed to make progress toward goals while enrolled in the program, such as employment training or car repair.
  2. Case management or coaching to help participants access services they may need to overcome barriers to employment, strengthen their financial capability and address other challenges holding them back from achieving their goals.