Subsidized Housing Opportunities

The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick is committed to providing affordable housing options for its residents, with a range of subsidized rental housing opportunities available throughout the area. Similar to the qualifications for Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) programs, these subsidized units are designed to ensure that individuals and families with varying income levels can find suitable and affordable housing. Applicants typically need to meet income guidelines and other eligibility criteria to access these programs, ensuring that those in need have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Rental Housing Waiting Lists and Applications Managed by Communities

If you are interested in exploring the following housing options, we encourage you to reach out to the individual communities directly for more information and application details. Each community may have its own specific application process and availability, so contacting them directly is the best way to get accurate and up-to-date information.

North Market / South Carroll Apartments
101 E South St. Ste 102
Frederick MD 21703
(o) 301-620-9944

Hillcrest Commons
1150 Orchard Terrace
Frederick, MD 21703
(o) 301-620-4174

Rental Housing Waiting Lists and Applications Managed by HACF

Catoctin View Homes
800 Motter Ave
Frederick, MD 21701

520 North Market Apartments
520 N. Market St
Frederick, MD 21701

Foundry Square
110 W South St
Frederick, MD 21701